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Tata Tiscon TMT Bars

61000.0063000.00 Price including taxes


Tata Tiscon TMT Bars

61000.0063000.00 Price including taxes

Tata Tiscon offers best TMT bars for earthquake resistant construction. Tata steel rebars provide superior strength for heavy-duty building construction. TATA Tiscon SD is available in sizes from 6mm to 40mm.

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Each grade of TMT bars is different in their composition (i.e. they are made up of).

Here ‘Fe’ stands for (Ferrum, Ferrite)  ‘D’ stands for Ductility, ‘TMT’ stands for (Thermo Mechanically Treated). and S stands for Saline Environment.

As compared to F550D, Fe600 has more yield strength and tensile strength.

Simply, the ratio of things like carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. used in the manufacturing process defines grades and qualities of TMT Bars.

Difference between Fe500 and Fe500D TMT Bars

Both the Fe500 and Fe 500D bars have the same tensile strength but the difference lies in their ductile feature. More ductility means more elongation capability and hence assures a long life cycle for the constructions. The elongation capacity of Fe500 is increased by 12% whereas Fe-500D is 18%.

Fe-500D also has more safety features compared to Fe-500. It even consumes less carbon, phosphorus and sulfur percentage, making them the correct choice for withstanding natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, and tsunamis. Fe-500 has 0.30% carbon whereas Fe-500D has just 0.25%.

CHEMICAL STRUCTURE and Mechanical Properties OF TMT BARS

Fe – 550D:

It has similar properties of Fe – 500  but differs in the yield and tensile strength. It is also used in RCC construction that is exposed to coastal, marine or underground environments.

Fe – 600:

Since it provides better toughness and has more yield and tensile strength when compared to other TMT Steel grades, it is used for large RCC construction purposes

Additional information

Dimensions 12000 cm

10MM, 12MM, 16MM, 20MM, 32MM, 8MM


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